Hello folks, its that time of the year again where you stop all you are doing and engage in something so meaningful that you forget about your bodily functions. Yes, I am talking about the annual event Global Game Jam-where creatives join forces to make a game within 48 Hours. Its the Holy convention of all video game events. The Global Game Jam or GGJ and similar prototyping events have given birth to many notable and award-winning games such as The Binding of Issac  World of Goo Costume Quest and my personal favorite Crayon Physics by Petri Purho (an indie finnish developer). The event is not just about creating games though, its about interacting with different people from various fields. I think GGJ is a great networking place and you don’t even have to create a game. Just go there, enjoy your drink, play games and meet new people. Tomorrow at the event, I will be present with my team and I hope that I will be able to squeeze some time to perhaps broadcast/share ongoing things happening at GGJ if possible through images, videos or soundbytes. Stay tuned as I also might share some podcast interviews of some notable people present at the event who will be sharing their industry secrets :P and answering any questions that YOU post. So don’t shy away if you have any doubt or need tips because you’ll get them from the experts! And now I present you a little gift to kick start the event. Feel free to share and download! 


Do comment about the poster or about the game jam. I would love to hear your thoughts.