The Production Pipeline

So, today we talk about the production pipeline. You might wonder- what is a production pipeline? Well its a method or a process through which a video game or an animation film is created. Some of the things mentioned in this article are also related to the process of how modern films are made.

The Production Pipeline consists of the 3P’s:

Pre Production



Pre production 

In this stage, the game idea is pitched to the team and the lead director and the investors. And if approved it goes to Storyboard/flowboard to showcase a bit about what the game is about in the forms of sketches and concept art. If all goes smoothly, it proceeds to the Game design Document-which is like the Bible of the videogames.


Production involves the actual creation of assets and the world environments. Stuff like 3D modeling, texturing, animation (character design, world design, world objects, level design)

After all this is done, the last step before this moves to the post-production is the Technical Design Document which involves the integration of the assets to the Game Engine(Game Plan, AI, Audio, Networking, Special Effects, IO Programming)


This phase involves the testing phase such as white box testing, black box testing, beta testing. After all the bug tests and stress tests are over and done with, the final game code is announced as ‘Gold’.


I hope this was a good video game education today. Next time, I a going to introduce a few key chapters from one of my favourite video game design books. Watch for this space!


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